Edward Andrew

Edward Andrew

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First Name * Edward
Last Name * Andrew
Username * EAndrew
Country * United Kingdom
City Leeds
Nationality English
Languages English



Availability: Freelance
Website www.edward-andrew.co.uk


I've been 3D modelling with 3ds Max for several years. I am capable of creating very high quality models for TV, Film and even making normal maps for video games.

One of my hobbys is making indie games and modding games, so I'm well versed in modelling for games and have good knowledge of game engine such as UDK, Unity and CryEngine 3.

I always enjoy working, I find the process very relaxing as the work seems to flow fluently, even on big projects I can always be patient and keep a consistent quality of work.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with people, therefore I make 3ds Max tutorial videos and have an educational blog on my website.


I'm Edward Andrew.